Thursday, December 18, 2014

Decorated Sugar Cookies - Santa Owls

I love owls almost as much as I love decorating cookies. Or do I love decorating cookies almost as much as I love owls? Either way, my entire apartment is full of owls. Owl curtains, owl candles, owl wax warmers, owl measuring cups, owl's bordering on obsessive. But I couldn't let a holiday season pass me by without making some adorable Santa Owl Cookies!
The Santa hats, scarves, eyes, and beaks were all made using royal icing transfers, and "glued" onto the cookies once the base coat was dry. It's an easy way to add embellishments to a cookie while giving it a 3-D effect. I also used a vintage color palette which was actually kind of an accident. While mixing up my icing I was having trouble getting my red to be that bright, vivid "Christmas" red so I called it good enough and mixed up some pale shades of green and blue to complement the maroon. Sometimes "mistakes" can give you very pleasing results so I try not to stress too much about the small stuff and see what I end up with. The only thing I would change about these cookies is that I didn't add small dots for the "whites" of their eyes - they look a bit like they're dead inside...

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